Match Your Lipstick To Your PurseOnality Bag

There have always been certain “fashion rules” to follow that were most likely passed down to us from our mothers. From “don’t mix neutrals” to “match your shoes to your belt” to “wear a subtle purse.” As you can tell, here at we are anything but subtle, and most likely you’ll find me toting my trusty Powder Blue Flat Bottom Tote all year round. We do have bags in black, brown, and tan of course, but we also believe that every woman should have at least one statement bag that will make people do a double-take for all the right reasons. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix And Match Accessories

Today, we’d like to talk about another one of our favorite accessories: lipstick. For a while, the jury was out on lipstick, as many people thought it was, for lack of a better word, geriatric. In the 90s and early 2000s, ladies opted for glossy but neutral lips rather than the bold bright colors of the past decades. However, thanks to famous influences like Taylor Swift and the Kardashians, bright, bold lipsticks are back in and almost everyone has jumped on board. Not to mention, makeup companies are creating some of the best long-lasting lipsticks we’ve ever seen!

While trends come and go, there are three main color realms that seem to be a shoo-in for beautiful lips year-round: berries, reds, and most recently, neutrals. Now, we don’t want to give you another silly fashion rule to follow, but matching your lipstick to your purse will draw attention to both, making you feel as fabulous as you look. Here are three BamBags that will go great with the three main lipstick color trends!

  1. Handbag in Plum: This gorgeous bag is perfect to match with a berry lip. The metal chain on this unique purse makes this handbag the perfect going-out accessory for a night on the town. While some women might cringe at the thought of purple lips, dressing up for a night out might make you less self-conscious of a bold or dark lipstick. After you do it once, you’ll love wearing bold lipstick in your daily life!
  2. Convertible Messenger Bag in Crimson Red: Red may be a classic color of lipstick, but how often do you see a bright red bag? Rocking this brightly-colored continuous zipper purse with an equally as bright lipstick will give you an air of confidence and class which people can’t help but be drawn to.
  3. Flat Bottom Tote in Sand & Silver: You can probably tell that this is one of our more, dare we say it, subtle options for a PurseOnality bag, but trust us when we say it’s not boring by any means. This flat bottom tote bag is perfect for when you are wanting to be a rebel and mix those neutrals. Neutral and nude lipsticks are by far the defining lip color of 2017, and are perfect for everyday glam. Choose a shade that compliments your skin tone such as a pale rose, matte brown, caramel, or beige. This way, your bag and your lips complement one another, rather than distracting from one another.

Your Bag Is More Than A Bag, It’s Your Purse-Onality!

Wear your purse-onality on your arm with one of our unique bags! Our online boutique store is dedicated to bringing you the best durable purses and women’s handbags online, and these zipper purses fit the bill! Let us know which lipsticks you love wearing with your statement purse, and check out the entire collection today!