The Debate: Should I Get A Subtle Bag Or One That Pops?

For as long as handbags have been in fashion, women have heavily debated on what color a handbag should be. There are diehard neutral-lovers who believe a handbag shouldn’t be any color other than black or brown. On the other hand, there are those who turn their nose up at the thought of a neutral bag and prefer to choose a bag that pops with bright colors, bold patterns, and unique materials. While some think that a purse should match your shoes and belt, others would prefer a stark color contrast to their outfit. While neutral bags can be beautiful and colorful purses can be useful, the debate comes down to this: Do I want a bag for fashion, or a bag that is practical?

Neutral Vs. Colorful

A neutral bag is practical. You can wear it with anything and it will match effortlessly. There is no need to change out the contents of your purse if you need to swap bags to go with your outfit. Neutral color purses work year-round and are always in fashion.

A statement bag that pops is a little more difficult to pair with everyday outfits, yet it draws attention and often garners compliments. However, if you’re concerned about your bag “going” with your outfit, you may need to invest in a few different colors to make sure you will never clash.

With all these choices, what is a girl to do? At PurseOnality Bags, we have spent a lot of time thinking about this question and wanted to take a minute to offer some insight.

Which Purse Is For You?

A handbag in bright red, plum, or powder blue is always going to be a show stopper. The truth is that even though there are countless gorgeous brightly colored purses at every department store, most women are going to choose a neutral color. Why? Well, for most of us, a nice purse can be a big investment. If a beige purse can be worn 365 days a year, carry all of your necessities and do everything a good purse can do, then maybe you can justify dropping a significant part of your paycheck on that purse. If you fall in love with a bright orange purse at the store, you may avoid purchasing it because you think it might only go with some of your outfits. People are used to seeing neutral colored purses and handbags, so when a woman walks into the room with a tangerine colored bag on her shoulder, you can bet that people will be looking.

On the other hand, you probably want to make sure that if your bag is standing out, that it is doing so for the right reasons. Let’s take, for example, a green purse. Now, a green purse can range from lime to mint to pine. A lime green purse might look great with a yellow summer dress, but might clash and look out of place with a burnt orange Autumn sweater. While it’s not the worse thing in the world to clash colors every so often, most of us could say we prefer to avoid it when possible. At that point, you may be thinking your only option is buy several purses to ensure that no matter what color you’re wearing, your purse will never clash. If you use your purse for traveling, you may find that you simply don’t have room in your suitcase for more than one purse, and no one should limit what they wear by the color of their purse! At that point, you might be feeling as if you should have opted for a neutral color handbag.

A Few Possible Purse Solutions

While we’d never tell a woman she should or should not wear a certain color of purse, we do have a few tips. First of all, if you want to choose a bright color statement bag that will pop, make sure to consider a color that goes with most things. For example, we love red as a year-round, go-with-everything bag color. While lime green might be out of season by the time August rolls around, red is a seasonally diverse color. Whether you’re pairing a red bag, such as our crimson Flower Bag, with a pink Easter dress or a green winter sweater, the color of the bag will actually help to accentuate the seasonal trends.

If you’re trying to resist spending too much on a purse but you still want to add some color to your wardrobe, you could have one bag in your favorite color that you wear occasionally, and then have an “Old Faithful” everyday purse in a neutral color. Your special colorful bag can even be a little fancier so you can use it for nice events. We love our Lily Bag in orange or hot pink for this purpose!

Choose PurseOnality Bags For Purses In All Colors!

Finally, you could stop spending hundreds of dollars on purses at the mall. At, we offer gorgeous handbags and unique purses that are totally affordable. This means that if you wanted a different color purse for every season, you wouldn’t have to feel guilty about it. Our women’s bags online come in tons of fun colors, as well as neutrals, and are durable enough to be a completely machine washable purse, meaning these purses are meant to last. So if you do end up buying a few, don’t worry. They’ll be around for years to come. Shop our entire collection of zipper clutches and continuous zipper bags online now! Never let anyone stop you from wearing the bright colorful purse or elegant neutral bag that you want.