Handbag Spotlight: Why We Love Our Convertible Messenger Bag

In our last Bag Spotlight, we talked about why we love our Isabella Bag so much. Some of the highlights of that blog included that the Isabella Bag is one of the most versatile bags on our online boutique store. Notice that we said “one of the most versatile” and not “the most versatile.” Why? Well, that spot belongs to a different bag. Today, we want to tell our readers all about the convertible messenger bag and backpack crossover!

The Convertible Messenger Bag

What bag is more versatile than the Isabella Bag? It has to be a bag that literally converts into a different bag. This unique messenger bag easily converts into a backpack just by adjusting the straps. What was just a practical carry-all bag turns into a boho-chic slouchy backpack instantly. This convertible bag comes in crimson red, moss green, walnut brown, powder blue, all black, and black with a silver zipper. At 16” x 14”, this messenger bag is the perfect size carry a laptop or act as a book bag for work or study days, but isn’t too big for everyday use.

Why We Love It

This continuous zipper purse is so perfect for so many different occasions. One thing we always look for in our purses are whether or not they are practical, and it is safe to say that this bag is definitely one of the more practical bags we offer here at PurseOnalityBags.com! Whether you use this purse as an everyday work purse to carry your laptop and other electronics, or you use it a few times a year to take on car rides and camping trips, this bag can go anywhere and do anything.

One great use for this messenger bag is as a school bag for teenagers. Large enough to carry a few books and writing utensils, it’s not so large that their homework will get lost in the bottom of it. Also, since Bam Bags were voted “Colorado’s Most Therapeutic Accessory Product” by Westword’s Best Of Denver, it is a great tool for those who might need something to fidget with during class. Your kiddo can quietly zip and unzip the bag in a calming manner during class, helping them to stay focused on what the teacher is saying.

This is our favorite purse for traveling because it can be easily turned into a backpack. This makes it perfect for carrying water and snacks on a long hike, or trekking through a new city when you need your hands to be free to take pictures. Like all of our unique purses on our online boutique store, this continuous zipper bag is a washable purse, making it even more ideal for camping in the woods or riding on a dirty city bus. No matter what you put this bag through, simply throw it in the wash when you get home and it will look as good as new when it comes out.

One more way to use this convertible backpack and messenger bag crossover is a go-to gym bag. It’s the perfect size to stuff into a gym locker, and big enough to carry your shoes, workout clothes, and a water bottle. And like we said above, this washable backpack can be thrown in the machine with the rest of your laundry, so if it gets a little stinky as your designated gym bag, then that’s perfectly fine!

Choose Our Online Boutique For Women’s Messenger Bags

If you are dying for one of these gorgeous convertible messenger bags for yourself, you’ve come to the right place. This zipper purse is large and durable enough for daily use or for special occasions, and transforms to a backpack with just a couple movements! These bags make great Christmas and birthday gifts, and are a unique present to give to a close friend or relative. At our online boutique store, we take the hassle out of boutique shopping by delivering our beautiful purses right to your doorstep.

If this convertible messenger bag doesn’t fit your fancy, don’t worry. Our collection of Bam Bags features bags in all sorts of different colors and sizes to make sure you find exactly what you want. Check out the whole selection today, and we’ll see you for our next Bag Spotlight! Up next: Our Carry-All Clutch With Strap!