Why Every Little Girl Needs Their Own PurseOnality BamBag

The last thing we want to do as parents is face the fact that our little girls are growing up. However, the thought of them becoming strong and independent is most parents’ dream! One important milestone that little girls usually experience is getting their first purse. For a child, a purse is something that signifies that someone is a “grown-up.” Purses are where moms keep car keys and credit cards – something that kids don’t have. Often times, Mom’s purse is off-limits to little hands, as there are a lot of important things in there that she doesn’t want to lose. At PurseOnality Bags, we think purses are kind of this magical place that holds your most prized possessions, the trinkets and toys that you want to take with you everywhere you go. Today, we wanted to offer a few benefits of getting your daughter her first purse.

She’ll Learn Responsibility

A purse is a great way to teach your daughter responsibility. Now, we’ve all accidentally forgotten our purses at a restaurant or under a movie theater seat before – and the frantic call to find its whereabouts was enough to learn our lesson. If you start your daughter on a purse when she’s young, she’ll have plenty of time to practice keeping it with her. These days, most middle schoolers receive an expensive cell phone before they get their first purse, and if they’re not used to keeping their possessions with them, they might forget their phone somewhere – which is a lot more expensive to replace than a purse!

A Purse Can Help Her Prioritize

A cute handbag also gives your daughter the opportunity to decide what she wants to take with her when she leaves the house. While her giant stuffed teddy bear or scooter might not fit in a purse, she can always take a small toy on the go with her, a favorite candy, or some coloring supplies for boring car rides. This gives her some autonomy. Instead of Mom or Dad grabbing the nearest toy and throwing it in the car when you’re about to leave, a purse can help your daughter make decisions about what is important for her to have. This will help her prioritize and realize that there are limitations to what she can take.

Letting your daughter pick out her own unique purse will also help her to think more long-term than most children do regularly. While her outfit will change from day-to-day, and she might get bored of a toy within a week, a durable purse is something she will have for a long period of time. Letting her make the decision on which purse to choose, while reminding her that this will be her purse for a while, can help her to practice critical thinking skills rather than going on a whim.

It Will Help Her Be Independent

Lastly, a purse can help your little girl feel more grown-up. Most little girls want to be just like their moms – so let her. If she earns money for doing chores, let her carry her earnings in her purse, choose what she wants to buy at the store, and take it up to the register and pay by herself. A purse may not seem like a big deal, but it can act as a symbol of independence and trust between you and your daughter.

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