Purses To Fit Every PurseOnality

The purpose of our online boutique store is to offer a beautiful handbag to suit every Purse-onality. That is our name after all! Whether you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your wife or daughter, or you are shopping for that perfect unique purse for yourself, PurseOnality Bags has what you need! To help you decide, we’ve chosen a few specific personality types and suggested what continuous zipper purse they are bound to fall in love with. Continue reading to find out what type of purse you might like!

For The Makeup Junkie

For the girl who was first in line at Sephora when Rihanna’s new makeup line came out, we recommend our wristlet/makeup bag. Obviously, you can’t fit your entire collection of concealers, foundations, shadows, highlighters, and liners in this unique makeup bag, but you can create a daily on-the-go touch-up kit. We recommend throwing this small purse into a larger bag or backpack so it is always with you and your makeup can all stay in one place. At a petite 7.5 x 5 inches, this small clutch with straps is perfect for a handful of items you may need mid-day, such as lipstick, concealer, and setting powder.

For The Minimalist

For the girls who like a no-fuss handbag experience, we recommend our unique messenger bags that convert into a backpack. While this may be a little bigger than the average minimalist may need, the functionality of this purse/backpack crossover is unbeatable. For days when you just want to pack a book and your wallet and hit the road, this bag easily transforms into a hands-free backpack. On other days when you are walking around town, simply lengthen the strap, throw this bag across your body, and you are good to go.

For The Girl Who Treats Her Purse Like A Disaster Kit

Most women will carry a wallet in their purse, maybe a lip gloss or two, a pen, and not much else. Then you have the ladies who could survive the apocalypse just by what is in their purse. These are the ladies who carry snacks, water, bandaids, ibuprofen, pepper spray, a portable phone charger, a flashlight, a crossword puzzle book in case they get bored and their phone dies, a deck of cards, a safety flare, an umbrella, more water, batteries, a can opener, a Dr. Seuss book for when they are in need of some good moral advice and a pair of clean underwear because you never know what could happen. While this may seem excessive to some, we all know this is the girl we’re going to run to when something bad happens. We can always count on her to have what we need in a pinch. For these type of women, we recommend our flat-bottom tote. This cute tote bag boasts an impressive 600 cubic inches of space, and the flat bottom design makes for better organization.

For The Girl Who Appreciates The Nice Things In Life

Look, there is nothing wrong with liking fancy, sparkly things – and this girl knows that. This is the type of woman who always dresses to impress, even if she is just running to the grocery store. Her outfits are always perfectly on trend, and she seems to do this all so effortlessly. For this girl, we recommend our gorgeous Lily Bag. This small handbag packs a whole lot of flair. Adorned with black zipper lilies, this continuous zipper purse features a beautiful silver chain for extra class and charm.

For The Business-First Lady

For the woman who is all work and no play, we recommend our Carry-All Clutch with strap. This medium-sized clutch is the perfect place to store an iPad, tablet, or e-reader. Perfect to take to an interview or on the train when you need to get work done, this functional handbag will ensure that the working woman in your life has access to her technology and work supplies anywhere she goes.

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The beauty of the online boutique store is that you can get these gorgeous, one-of-a-kind purses delivered right to your doorstep. Whether you are looking for a mini-change purse, a makeup bag with a strap, or any of our other continuous zipper purses, PurseOnalityBags.com has exactly what you are looking for. Shop our entire collection today!