What To Carry In Your Purse On An Airplane

As many of us gear up to head to the airport this holiday season, it might be time to start thinking about what to take with you when you travel. To make things a little easier, we’ve picked five must-have items to take with you in your carry-on bag. And remember, airports are not exactly known for being sanitary, so make sure to take one of our washable purses with you on your next trip.

  1. An empty water bottle: Anyone who has flown in the last fifteen years or so has experienced the hassle of trying to fly and stay hydrated at the same time. The first time you experienced this, most likely a TSA agent has told you that you cannot take your water bottle into the airport, so you chug the remaining liquid and toss your plastic water bottle in the trash. The second time, you knew better and didn’t bring any water at all and ended up buying a $5 bottle of water once past security. Both situations are not fun and waste money. Next time you fly, bring an empty water bottle in your purse. Once inside, you can fill it with water from a water fountain.
  2. Medication: This is one of the oldest “rules” about flying: keep any important medication in your carry on in case your luggage gets lost. This makes sense, but you don’t need to stop at just daily medicine. It is always a good idea to pack a couple doses of ibuprofen in case a travel headache sets in.
  3. Toothbrush, toothpaste, and makeup: You don’t need to pack your entire morning makeup routine supplies in your purse, but bringing some face powder for a touch up is always a smart decision, as well as items needed to brush your teeth. If your flight is delayed and you don’t have access to your checked bag, you’ll be thankful to have these items with you to help freshen up. If you are very particular, you can even bring baby wipes, deodorant, and an extra pair of underwear.
  4. Socks: We don’t mean just any socks. Airplanes always seem to be cold, and sitting for an extended period of time can prevent blood flow to your chilly feet. Bring a pair of fluffy socks, or even borrow a pair of your husband’s, to keep your feet from getting frostbite. (Okay, you probably won’t get frostbite, but you know what we mean.)
  5. Vital Electronics: We say “vital” electronics because technology can easily weigh down a bag and sometimes even causes extra problems in the security line. Only bring what you will for sure use. If you can do all of your work on your phone (and watch Netflix, play games, listen to music, and browse the internet), consider leaving the laptop at home. If you like reading books while traveling, consider bringing an e-reader or downloading a reading app on your phone so you don’t fill your bag to the brim with books or regret only bringing one novel along. Additionally, don’t forget chargers for your items, especially your phone. Nothing is worse than landing in your destination and not being able to get in contact with your ride because your phone is dead. For charging on-the-go, consider getting a portable charging block so you can boost your battery from your bag.

Need A Big Purse For Traveling? We Have You Covered!

When heading to the airport this season, be sure you have everything you need – and don’t weigh yourself down with things you don’t. For an extra roomy bag, try taking our flat bottom tote on your next journey. If you like to keep your hands free while traveling, our messenger bag that converts into a backpack might be a better option. Whichever continuous zipper purse you choose, you know your important items will be with you in style through your whole trip.