Three Benefits Of A Continuous Zipper Purse

You have probably realized by now that at PurseOnality Bags we sell primarily continuous zipper purses. Why do we sell these when there are so many other types of purses out there? What makes the continuous zipper purse anymore special than the number of other unique purses on the market? To answer these questions,

More Than One Use

Obviously, you want to be able to use your purse for what it is – a purse. But what if there were more uses than just that? Let’s say you’re hiking in the woods while wearing our super cute convertible messenger bag/backpack purse – the perfect choice for when you need your purse to be completely hands-free. As a good pet owner, you’ve taken your dog with you for some exercise. Just when you think everything is going great, a squirrel runs across the path. Little Fido gets so excited that he bolts away after the squirrel, snapping his leash clean in half. When you finally get your furry friend back, you realize it will be nearly impossible to continue the hike with half a leash and a dog that likes to wander. That’s when your continuous zipper purse comes in handy. Simply hand the contents of your convertible backpack over to your hiking partner (you’re a responsible person who doesn’t hike alone), unzip your purse all the way so it is simply one long zipper, and tie it around Fido’s collar. Just like that, your dog is safely secured and following all leash laws. As you know, we sell washable purses that can be thrown in with the rest of your laundry at the end of the hike. Check out the helpful video at the bottom of this page to see how your zipper purse can turn into a handy rope.


You wash jeans, and jackets, and jean jackets! These all feature zippers and we don’t think twice about throwing them in the washing machine on laundry day. After a nice wash and a tumble in the dryer, they come out as good as new and no worse for wear. Your continuous zipper purse will do the same. These nifty washable purses completely change the purse game. When you are able to machine-wash your handbag, it opens the doors for what bags you take with you when you leave the house. Maybe you want to leave that five-hundred-dollar purse at home because you don’t want to accidentally spill something on it at dinner. And you also shouldn’t take it to the Christmas party because someone might snatch it. And don’t take it to work, either. With all that traffic you’re likely to spill coffee on it. As a matter of fact, why don’t you leave that expensive purse in the closet… Do you see our point? Often times we are afraid to buy high-quality purses because we’re afraid to ruin them. At PurseOnality Bags, our unique purses are washable without sacrificing style or your paycheck.


Every year, maybe even every season, there is a new “It” bag. The bag that every girl needs to have in order to feel stylish – or at least that’s what the fashion blogs tell us. Soon enough, you can’t go to Target without seeing a hundred girls clutching the same purse. With a continuous zipper purse, you are sure to make a statement for the right reasons. Why be the same as every other girl when you can use your bag to show off your purse-onality. These unique purses come in tons of colors, sizes, and styles, so you are bound to find what you are looking for. Whether you want our candy-striped Carry-All Clutch with Strap or prefer one of our hot pink unique wristlets, there is always a purse you’ll love.

Be Original With Our Continuous Zipper Purse

At PurseOnality, we are proud to offer BamBags in multiple shapes, sizes, and colors. From convertible messenger bags to unique coin purses to simple handbags to hold your belongings, shop our collection today.