A Breakup Letter To My Purse

Every woman has had that ah-ha moment where they realize, “I need a new purse.” Not even, “I want a new purse,” or, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new purse?” But that dreaded I need a new purse. You know that moment when the strap snaps and sends all of your personal belongings tumbling across the floor? We’ve all been there, so today, we want to help you out. Call us matchmakers, call us the next Dear Abby, just don’t call us crazy when we give you this hypothetical breakup letter to make the split with your purse a little easier.

Dear Purse,

It’s not you. It’s me. Actually, come to think of it, it is you. It is 100 percent you. Purse, I’ve had you for… Gosh, I don’t know how long. And that’s a problem. I can’t tell you if it’s been two years or ten years. All I know is that you’ve changed. A lot.

Purse, when I first met you, you were beautiful and shiny. And even after you lost your luster, we still had plenty of great times together. We saw movies, we traveled the world, we went on dates and fell in love. Unfortunately, we never quite fell in love with each other.

Sometimes I think I may be responsible for how much you have deteriorated over the years. You’ve sat next to me on a dirty New York City subway train. You fell on the bathroom floor of a dirty Subway sandwich shop even! I know you’ve been carelessly tossed on the movie theatre floor at least two dozen times, and I once even left you on the hood of my car during a rainstorm. I’ve used you to store candy – and I know there are still a few M&Ms lingering in your crevices. And yes, one time I used a baggie to pick up my dog’s poop and couldn’t find a trash can to throw it away so I tied off the bag and carelessly tossed it inside you. I said it was one time! And for that, I’m sorry.

But it wasn’t all me. This is a two-way street, purse. Sure, maybe I tossed you around a bit. Sure, I might have let chocolate melt inside of you and set you on gross floors, I’m not the only one responsible. I can’t do anything to fix you! Sometimes I need to throw my purse on the floor because there is nowhere else for it to go. But that doesn’t mean that you can sit there with your care-tag that says “do not wash.” I mean, what’s the deal with that? How can you expect me to continue to use you if I can’t even wash you?

I need a purse that can keep up with me. Always having to worry about you, what you’re touching, what sort of liquids you’re absorbing, and what germs you’re picking up – it’s too much for me. I can’t spend my life constantly worrying about you, Purse. I hope you can understand that. I need a unique purse, not one that every other girl has. I need a washable purse, a sturdy purse that can go anywhere with me, and be brand new after a tumble in the washing machine. I need a purse that bounces back, not one that continues to get dirtier, grimier, and grosser with every outing.

Look, Purse, you’re not a bad purse. In fact, you were a great purse. But that’s in the past now, and there’s no way to get that back. You’ll never be as bright and shiny as you once were, and I just can’t trust you to carry my things anymore. It’s too  much for you, and you’re not enough for me.

Hey, look at it this way: maybe you’ll go to a recycling facility and be turned into a brand new purse again, and you can bring someone else as much joy as you once brought me. But until then, you’re going in the trash.


A New BamBag Owner.

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