Handbag Spotlight: Why We Love Our Mini Change Purse

Welcome back to another installment of Handbag Spotlight, where we highlight everything we love about specific purses for sale on PurseOnalityBags.com! Today, we’d like to shine a light on a small but mighty zipper bag, the mini change purse.

The Details

Like all of our Bam Bags, the mini change purse is a continuous zipper purse made out of one long zipper, meaning you can zip and unzip it as much as you’d like. As the smallest of our unique purses, the mini change purse is just 6.5 inches long and four inches tall. This makes it the perfect size to throw into a bigger purse or backpack, or even use by itself as a small clutch.

The mini change purse is machine washable, so you don’t need to panic if you spill something on it. It is available in multiple colors, giving you plenty of options. The mini change purse currently comes in the following colors: black with a black zipper, black with a silver zipper, crimson with a crimson zipper, plum with a silver zipper, jean with a silver zipper, hot pink with a silver zipper, sand with a silver zipper, and tangerine with a silver zipper.

Uses For A Mini Change Purse

Many people hear the term “change purse” and picture a delicate, embroidered bag that belonged to their grandmother with a golden clasp. While those are quite beautiful, they are often small and, worst of all, not able to be washed should something spill on them. Our unique change purse is the perfect size to house your phone, lunch money, credit cards, and even some makeup for on-the-go touch-ups if necessary.

Makeup Bag On-The-Go

Let’s go over some specific ways you can use our mini change purse. If you are one of those ladies who is always losing things in her purse, then this little bag is a lifesaver. And trust us, we’ve been there too! Perhaps you are a business woman who often meets face-to-face with clients. You want to make a good impression, but running around from place to place seems to cause your makeup to melt right off of your face. There are two ways this situation can go here. The first is you quickly run to the bathroom, rummage through your giant handbag for some touch-up powder, and after two minutes of frantically searching, you realize you are out of time and have to give up and run to your meeting. The second is where you keep a fully-stocked hot pink change purse inside of your handbag for situations just like this. You run to the bathroom, stand in front of the mirror, and like a seasoned pro, whip out your miniature change purse that is full of face powder, concealer, lipstick, and even a comb so you can ensure that your hair is in place. You go a few quick tweaks and you’re fresh and ready to go to your meeting.

Lunch Money Saver

Now let us go over a different scenario. For the third time this week, you have received a phone call from your son’s school saying he does not have a lunch. That’s weird, you think, I know I sent lunch money to school with him. You convey this to the school, and they simply inform you that the lunch money is nowhere to be seen. When your son gets home from school, you ask him about it. He says that he can never find it when it’s time for lunch. You ask to look in his backpack and suddenly everything makes sense. His backpack is stuffed to the brim of books, planners, worksheets, and notepaper. As you clear out the trash, you find several dollars that have sunken to the bottom of the abyss he calls a school bag. This is the perfect opportunity for a mini change purse. You can put lunch money for the whole week in it, and toss it in his backpack. No matter how messy his pack gets, he will always be able to find the brightly-colored zipper purse.

Makeshift Document Holder

The last scenario involves your husband. Your husband has, well, a bit of a lead foot when he drives. He is full-on petal-to-the-metal and occasionally finds himself pulled over on the side of the road by the highway patrol. The officer asks him for his license and registration. He knows his license is in his wallet, but as he rifles through the dozens of papers crammed into his glove box, he cannot find the registration papers. He tries handing the officer a few expired registrations, promising the officer that his registration is up to date, he just can’t find the paper. This ends up wasting a lot of the officer’s time, and ends up landing your husband a hefty speeding ticket. That’s where you come in. You order your hubby a mini change purse – hot pink, just for fun – and fill it with any important paperwork he may need on the road. This includes a current copy of his insurance, his registration, and any other important documents. You put this in a visible area inside the glovebox, and as your husband swears he’ll stop speeding, you can rest easy knowing he’ll at least have the documentation he needs when he’s pulled over again.

Shop Our Mini Change Purses Today

PurseOnality Bags has plenty of unique purses to choose from. All of our continuous zipper bags are washable and durable, making them perfect for any scenario. The mini change purse is especially useful as it can be easily tossed into a bigger bag to help keep you organized. We have plenty of colors to choose form, so whether you want one for yourself, your kids, or your spouse, everyone is bound to find a color they love. Shop our mini change purses today!