Purses To Fit Every PurseOnality

The purpose of our online boutique store is to offer a beautiful handbag to suit every Purse-onality. That is our name after all! Whether you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your wife or daughter, or you are shopping for that perfect unique purse for yourself, PurseOnality Bags has what you need! To…read more

Handbag Spotlight: Why We Love Our Convertible Messenger Bag

In our last Bag Spotlight, we talked about why we love our Isabella Bag so much. Some of the highlights of that blog included that the Isabella Bag is one of the most versatile bags on our online boutique store. Notice that we said “one of the most versatile” and not “the most versatile.” Why?…read more

The Debate: Should I Get A Subtle Bag Or One That Pops?

For as long as handbags have been in fashion, women have heavily debated on what color a handbag should be. There are diehard neutral-lovers who believe a handbag shouldn’t be any color other than black or brown. On the other hand, there are those who turn their nose up at the thought of a neutral…read more

Match Your Lipstick To Your PurseOnality Bag

There have always been certain “fashion rules” to follow that were most likely passed down to us from our mothers. From “don’t mix neutrals” to “match your shoes to your belt” to “wear a subtle purse.” As you can tell, here at PurseOnalityBags.com we are anything but subtle, and most likely you’ll find me toting…read more

Fashion Handbags Just In Time For Fall

The first day of fall is September 22, but some regions across the country are already experiencing some autumn weather. Soon the weather will be cooling down as we prepare for the holiday season, we’ll dig through our closets to find our favorite sweaters, and at some point, we’ll probably make an excuse to go…read more

Seven Centuries Of Handbag History

Today, the word ‘purse’ or ‘handbag’ is associated with something that only women use to carry things like their wallet, makeup, phone, and other doodads. But it hasn’t always been like that. Today, we wanted to take a minute to explore the history behind purses, and how they have evolved to what we know them…read more

Bag Spotlight: Why We Love Our Isabella Bag

To shake things up a little bit on the old PurseOnality Bag Blog, I am embarking on an exciting series called “Bag Spotlight,” where I will highlight all the wonderful things about each of the individual bags offered by PurseOnality Bags. The first unique handbag to take center stage in this series is the Isabella…read more