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Imitation: The Highest Form of Flattery

A few years ago, I spent some time with my niece in Portland, Oregon. One day, I was getting into her car when I noticed she had a beautiful blue tote bag that looked like it was made from one long zipper. As it turns out, she had gotten her hands on a Bam Bag®! I had never seen anything quite so fashionable, and at the same time, quite so functional. I couldn’t quit thinking about it, so I told my husband I wanted one of these unique messenger bags for my birthday.

A Conversation Starter on My Arm

After my wonderful husband gave me my very own Bam Bag® for my birthday, I received more compliments on my new tote than any other name brand purse or bag I had ever owned. As Bam Bags® began to provide more styles and colors, I was hooked. They were unique, fun, classy, sporty, practical, and functional. Best of all, this was the first washable purse I ever owned! I could use them for business, play, going out – and then come home and throw it in the washing machine if it ever got dirty. There was a style to complement any outfit and every occasion!

An Online Boutique Store Was Born

I was so in love with this line of unique handbags, I wanted everyone to have one. I began to wonder why I hadn’t seen more of these bags, and why everyone was so enthralled with mine. After some research, I found these unique styles of handbags were only sold in a few gift shops around the country. I knew that if I opened a brick and mortar boutique that I would only be able to provide Bam Bags® to my town, so I decided to found PurseOnality Bags, an online boutique store that specializes in unique handbags and women’s fashion accessories.

Our Mission

Inspired by an entrepreneurial spirit, my husband and I joined forces to make unique women’s fashion accessories available to everyone. We know that fashionistas everywhere are looking for the versatile and one-of-a-kind bags that we have to offer, that are normally only found at exclusive boutiques. Now we’re making them available through our exclusive online boutique store, PurseOnalityBags.com! We are based out of beautiful Colorado and are located close to our distributor, which means we can offer fast and free shipping to the continental United States. Just because we’re an online store doesn’t mean you miss out on the boutique experience. All of our bags come beautifully wrapped to make your experience that much better!

We look forward to serving you soon,

Anita Stuart



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Phillipians 4:13